Verified Identity for Online Retail

How easy would it be to make money at your new business if all your inventory was free? Online shoplifters are doing it – we aren’t just talking about individuals stealing an expensive purse or electronics they can’t afford, but entire criminal rings systematically stealing and reselling inventory. You think your sales are going great until you see the chargebacks. It’s not something that happens once. If they have found you, they cycle back again and again with new identities and new stolen credit cards.

Stop the Cycle: Stop the Revolving Door


You can stop fraudsters and keep them out for good. BeehiveID’s Social Authentication Technology goes beyond traditional transaction based fraud prevention tools. By identifying the individuals creating accounts on your site, we allow you to find the fake accounts and shut them down for good.

socialgraphiconsWeb Fraud Detection

BeehiveID's social authentication technology works at the time of new account creation to verify that the account is being created by a real, unique individual.

Stop Fake Accounts

Users login to a social site such as Facebook, Google or LinkedIn and we comb through that data to find the patterns real people have that fake accounts cannot have.

Prevent Duplicate Accounts

Sometimes there can be only one. If desired, you can use BeehiveID's technology to make sure each person only has one account. This is good for avoiding abuse of free tiers.

Ban Bad Actors

Real people can also turn out to be jerks. With BeehiveID you can ban someone from your site and make it stick - our technology ensures they cannot create a new account to get around your ban.